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Civic Affairs

Mill Creek City Council adopts 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan

The Mill Creek City Council unanimously adopted the 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan after a June 26th public hearing.

The Mill Creek City Council unanimously adopted the 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan after a June 26th public hearing. All councilmembers were present for the hearing and subsequent vote except Councilmember Mark Bond, who couldn’t attend because of a family commitment.

The 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan incudes 31 projects valued at $43 million. This is an increase from the 2011-2017 Capital Facilities Plan, which contains 43 projects valued at $36 million.

The increase in total value is largely attributed to the projects associated with East Gateway Urban Village. The entire East Gateway Urban Village infrastructure cost is included in the 3013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan, even though developers will pay for most of it.

Capital facilities are the infrastructure needed to support growth, such as: roads, bridges, sewers, storm water facilities, public buildings, parks and recreation facilities. A capital facilities plan is an outline of the capital facilities projects, their time schedule, approximate budget, and funding sources.

Enjoy some local Fourth of July events

Local Fourth of July celebrations

There are a number of ways to celebrate the Fourth of July this year. Even though the City of Mill Creek doesn’t have a celebration planned, other local cities do.

Bothell – Bothell holds an annual Freedom Festival to celebrate the Fourth.

  • Pancake Breakfast - 8:30 to 10:30 AM. Downtown Fire Station, 10726 Beardslee Blvd. FREE!
  • Children’s Parade - 11:15 AM. Line up on Main Street at 103rd. For children up to 12 years. No motorized vehicles permitted.
  • Grand Parade - 12 noon. Main Street and Bothell Way (SR 527).

State Fire Marshal stresses fireworks safety

Washington State Fire Marshal stresses fireworks safety

There were 476 fireworks-related injuries and fires reported to the State Fire Marshal’s Office in 2011 by fire departments and hospitals.  Of the 476 reports received, there were 264 fires and 212 injuries.  The majority of these incidents occur on July 4th.  Most incidents were caused by males between 15 and 21 years of age.  The incidents of greatest concern are:

  • 89 residential fires totaling $5,333,425 in loss, 15 were caused by illegal devices, 9 were caused by legal fireworks and 65 were caused by an unknown type of firework device.
  • 105 fires and 91 injuries were caused by devices which are illegal to own or possess in Washington State. 
  • 9 sparkler bomb incidents that included 6 fires/explosions and 3 causing facial and hand injuries.  These devices are considered improvised explosive devices which are illegal to manufacture and possess.  Injuries from one of these devices resulted in metal puncture wounds, burns and tearing to the hands and trauma to the face, chest and legs.

Like it or not, fireworks are now being sold

Sales of consumer fireworks began today, June 28, at noon and end on July 5, at 11:00 pm.

Sales of consumer fireworks began today, June 28, at noon and end on July 5, at 11:00 pm. The sale of fireworks is banned in Mill Creek. A full list of Washington Counties and Cities which ban or restrict firework sales can be found on the Washington State Patrol website.

State Fire Marshal Charles Duffy reminds Washingtonians that the purchase of fireworks over the internet is illegal, “In Washington State, fireworks must be purchased from a licensed retail fireworks stand during the legal sales period.  Orders for fireworks cannot be placed over the internet or posted on websites such as Craig’s List.  Residents should talk with family members and guests about the fireworks laws for their area.”

Mill Creek considering business friendly sign code revisions

City of Mill Creek considering business friendly sign code changes

The City of Mill Creek has begun a process to update its sign code to help local businesses reach potential customers. Mill Creek’s Community Development Director, Tom Rogers, is spearheading an effort to make the sign code more business friendly while preserving the City’s beauty.

Rogers kicked off the process with a recent presentation to the Mill Creek Business Association. He announced the City would hold an open house on July 19th to collect ideas for potential sign code amendments and outlined the change process. Interim City Manager, Tom Gathmann, made a similar presentation to the Mill Creek Town Center Business Association's Board of Directors.

Upcoming Mill Creek transportation projects

Bothell Everett Highway and 164th Street SE turn lanes to be extended.

According to Mill Creek Interim City Manager and Public Works Director, Tom Gathmann, a number of capital facilities projects will be completed in 2012. All of these Mill Creek transportation projects will be finished before winter sets in. One of the projects involves removing the landscaped median strip on Bothell Everett Highway north of 164th Street SE in order to extend the left turn lane.

Gathmann handed out the following information at the May 22 Mill Creek City Council meeting:

“Bothell Everett Highway @ 164th Street SE Turn Lane Improvements - The City and a consultant have been working with WSDOT over the past year for some traffic improvements at the intersection of SR 527 and 164th Street SE. The proposed project primarily consists of restriping 164th Street to extend the eastbound left turn lane, as well as removing the landscaped median on southbound SR 527. This will increase left turn lane storage on both approaches and prevent back up into the through lanes. Signal timing changes will also be implemented to help improve traffic flow in all directions. Final approval is still pending from WSDOT, but construction should be completed by this fall. The estimated construction cost is approximately $175,000.”

McCollum Park's swimming pool opens Saturday

McCollum Park's heated outdoor swimming pool opens for the summer.

McCollum Park's heated swimming pool officialy opens for the summer on Saturday, June 23rd. Open swim sessions will start at 12:15 PM, 2:15 PM, and 5:30 PM.

Swim lessons will begin on Monday, June 25th.

McCollum Park's 2012 fees for open swim, swim lessons, swim team, season passes, pool rentals and more have been reduced in some cases by nearly 20 percent.

Many new programs have been added, including four-week learn-to-swim sessions, which meet two times per week for increased family flexibility.