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We started News of Mill Creek in March of 2012 to fill a void. We wanted to give readers a place to read timely hyper-local news and events all in one place and exclusively online.

Our focus has always been on our readers and we strive to keep them coming back to find out what's going on in Mill Creek.

2019 Readership numbers

Our reach has grown a lot since the 78 readers we had our first month. 

According to Google Analytics we reached an average of about 14,000 readers a month with over 25,000 monthly page views in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Our Google Analytics numbers are lower than reality because we honor our readers’ privacy and don’t count those who ask not to be tracked in their browser settings.

Demographics and readership trends

We reach a young demographic. Unlike print publications with weak websites and little social presence, 70% of our readers are between the ages of 25 and 54 years of age according to Google Analytics.

Newspaper readers’ habits have changed considerably in the 21st century. Digital devices account for a larger and larger part of the marketplace.

In 2013 the consulting company Deloitte reported print readership is plummeting, “39 percent of newspaper reading respondents said print was their favorite format for reading their chosen titles, down massively from 75 percent just a year ago. It's difficult not to make a connection between that fall and the rapid adoption of tablet PCs over the same period.”

More and more newspaper readers use mobile devices. The Newspaper Association of America’s 2015 readership analysis said, “Those who use only mobile devices, rather than desktop or laptops, to consume newspaper digital content increased 73% from January 2014 to January 2015, and amounts to more than 68 million adult unique visitors.”

This fits our recent Google Analytics numbers, which say about 70% of our readers used mobile devices to read our articles and events in the last month.

So what does this mean to advertisers?

It means we help them reach additional customers in a number of ways.

Display ads.

Our advertisers brand their business and products with our display ads. We support awareness campaigns and calls to action by linking the ad to the appropriate landing page.

Here are the display ad types. Note that Sidebar ads are also displayed at the bottom of all articles and events as Content ads:

  • 1140 x 141 Banner ad (at the top of each page).
  • 300 x 500 Sidebar/Content ad (on the left sidebar).
  • 300 x 250 Sidebar/Content ad (on the left sidebar).

Native advertising

Another way we help our advertisers inform our readers about their business is with native advertising, which includes promotion on social media and in our weekly newsletter.

Our sponsored articles and events are consistent with our other content in voice and style. We allow our advertisers to promote their businesses and products, but not at the expense of good taste. We reserve the right to edit any and all submitted content to meet our editorial standards.

Here are a couple of recent examples:

Native advertising has an additional advantage over display advertising in providing active searchable text and backlinks that are used by search engines to raise the advertiser’s search ranking.

To find out more about advertising on our website, contact Richard Van Winkle at 425-338-9118 or through our contact us form.

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