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Annual Comprehensive Plan open house and public hearing

City of Mill Creek Comprehensive Plan open house and public hearing
Comprehensive Plan open house and public hearing

Mill Creek’s Department of Community Development will hold an open house at the Mill Creek City Hall on Thursday, June 21st, to review this year’s Comprehensive Plan changes. City staff will be available from 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM to answer questions.

Mill Creek’s Planning Commission will hold a public hearing directly after the open house to hear comments from the audience. This public meeting will begin at 7:00 PM. All comments will be placed into the public record.

Mill Creek’s Comprehensive Plan is updated each year to incorporate changes to public policy including land use and zoning. The land use designation for three undeveloped properties will be changed this year to improve their development potential. In addition, a number of changes to the Comprehensive Plan are being made to incorporate public policy changes, and to make it current.

According to the Comprehensive Plan’s Introduction, “The City of Mill Creek's Comprehensive Plan is an official public policy document for use by both the public and private sectors of the community. The plan is intended to be a comprehensive guide to be used in making decisions concerning future land uses, establishing urban growth boundaries and city limits, extensions of community services and facilities, locations of future transportation/circulation facilities, parks and open space, designation and protection of environmentally sensitive areas and desirable urban design elements of the City.”

This year’s Comprehensive Plan changes include the following:

Land Use Designation Amendments

  1. 2210 132nd Street SE (1.6 acres) - Amend the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map designation on the northern portion of the subject property from Public & Quasi Public to Community Business.
  2. 13716 Bothell-Everett Hwy (4.5 acres) - Amend the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map designation from Office Park to Community Business.
  3. 1200 Dumas Road (3.7 acres) - Amend the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map designation from Office Park to Community Business.

Comprehensive Plan Text Amendments

  1. Population and Employment Chapter - Proposed amendments primarily consist of incorporating updated statistics obtained from the 2010 Decennial Census.
  2. Parks and Open Space Element - Amendments to the Parks and Open Space Element are primarily housekeeping with the exception of three substantive issues.
    First, language has been added to clarify that the City may use Community Park mitigation funds on the partnership with the Everett School district to improve fields with all-weather turf and/or lights as long as the public has a right to use the facilities.
    Second, a policy has been added to allow the collection of park mitigation fees for commercial development if the development generates a need for said facilities.
    Third, Table 1 has been revised to eliminate Lever of Service Guidelines for facilities unlikely to be provided because of fiscal and physical constraints.
  3. Transportation Element - Minor housekeeping edits updating the land use development status of areas in the City and surrounding MUGA are being proposed. In addition, the existing Level of Service table has been updated to reflect current conditions and the Capital Facility Project list has been removed from this element and is being incorporated into the Capital Facilities Plan Element.
  4. Capital Facilities Element - The proposed amendments in this element are primarily housekeeping updates. Some formatting changes have also been proposed. Non-city agencies that provide public services within the City, such as the Sno-Isle Library District, Fire District 7, Waste Management NW, and the Everett School District, have provided updated information that has been included in the update. In addition, once approved by the City Council, the2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan project list will be incorporated into the document.
  5. Land Use Element - Proposed amendments include removing most references to the SR527 Subarea Plan and East UGA Subarea, which are primarily built out; acknowledging goals that have been accomplished by removing/revising policies that describe actions that have been completed as "future actions;" and updating Town Center references to reflect the built status.