“Let’s Talk About Growth,” an Everett Public Schools Public Discussion

Join Everett School Board members to discuss next steps to better balance overcrowding at Jackson High School on Tuesday evening, May 29, 2018, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

In February, the school district Capital Bond request earned a majority of voters’ support – 55.4 percent. However, the final voter tally was just over four percent shy of the state’s 60 percent supermajority requirement for school construction projects.

When school board members met in study session on April 17th, they discussed what to do in the aftermath of voter sentiment. Although the board did not take official action about any future construction bond proposals, members did express a desire for regional meetings to talk about student enrollment management.

As Superintendent Gary Cohn, notes in his webpage message, the board asked for:

  • More time for public engagement, information gathering, and information sharing before placing another Capital Bond request before voters.
  • More time for more public discussions and information gathering before the board makes decisions about enrollment-growth solutions that do not include a fourth comprehensive high school. 

During the three regional sessions, the board hopes to gather opinions about:

  • High school boundary changes to better balance our comprehensive high schools’ enrollments, 
  • Schedule change options for Jackson High School (for example, double shifting), and 
  • Accommodating enrollment growth at Jackson High School with portable classroom additions.

Event date: 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 6:00pm

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