A Request for Peaceful Political Activism

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A request for peaceful political activism regarding Senate Bill SB5334-2021-22

"Increasing transparency in levy authorization information provided by school districts"

Please consider commenting on this bill at the link below and perhaps encouraging your elected officials to support it.

There was a Senate hearing on the bill on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 that was recorded and is available for you at your convenience on TVW.

Two county assessors, one from Clark County and one from Jefferson County, testified in favor of the bill. I contacted the Snohomish County Assessor, Linda Hjelle. She said she will likely add her comments to the bill.

The bill has to do with the common practice of school districts of calling a levy a "replacement" or "renewal" levy. School district generated advertisement materials often contain wording such as "not a new tax" or "same rate" when in reality the "replacement" levy is often substantially higher in actual taxes (tax dollars) that property owners will have to pay.

Fortunately, the Everett SD school board members elected not to run a levy on the February 9th, 2021 election that they had been planning. They likely will run one or more levy measures in February 2022. But 50 other school districts across the state are running levy measures this month. And some school districts, such as Edmonds, will run a levy this April. Yes, all in the middle of the COVID pandemic and economic crisis that we are still in.

I have created a levy report on these 50 school districts that have one or more measures for the current election. Feel free to review.

Thank you.

Jeff Heckathorn
Mill Creek

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