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Upcoming Mill Creek transportation projects

Bothell Everett Highway and 164th Street SE turn lanes to be extended.
Bothell Everett Highway median to be removed

According to Mill Creek Interim City Manager and Public Works Director, Tom Gathmann, a number of capital facilities projects will be completed in 2012. All of these Mill Creek transportation projects will be finished before winter sets in. One of the projects involves removing the landscaped median strip on Bothell Everett Highway north of 164th Street SE in order to extend the left turn lane.

Gathmann handed out the following information at the May 22nd Mill Creek City Council meeting:

“Bothell Everett Highway @ 164th Street SE Turn Lane Improvements - The City and a consultant have been working with WSDOT over the past year for some traffic improvements at the intersection of SR 527 and 164th Street SE. The proposed project primarily consists of restriping 164th Street to extend the eastbound left turn lane, as well as removing the landscaped median on southbound SR 527. This will increase left turn lane storage on both approaches and prevent back up into the through lanes. Signal timing changes will also be implemented to help improve traffic flow in all directions. Final approval is still pending from WSDOT, but construction should be completed by this fall. The estimated construction cost is approximately $175,000.”

“North Creek Bridge Repair - The bridge over North Creek on 164th Street SE, just west of Mill Creek Blvd, has a timber substructure that supports the main concrete bridge deck. A portion of that timber structure on the southeast corner has started to rot and needs to be replaced. The bridge will be jacked up off the supports and the rotten timber section will be removed and replaced. While the bridge is supported by the jacking system, one or two lanes of traffic will need to be closed, possibly overnight. The project will take approximately two weeks to complete, and has to be done during the summer ‘fish window’ of July through September. The total cost of the repair project is estimated at $80,000.”

“Mill Creek Road Bridge Scour Repair – There is a large retaining wall that supports Mill Creek Road just upstream of the bridge over Penny Creek. Just after the bridge construction was completed in the fall of 2007, a large storm event created a scour problem by washing away the stream bank at the base of the retaining wall. The scour has been monitored by City staff over the years and has started to undermine the wall foundation. To protect the roadway above, several logs and woody debris will be installed at the base of the wall and backfilled with streambed gravel. While the work is being done, one lane of traffic on westbound Mill Creek Road will need to be closed during the off-peak hours. The project will take one to two weeks to complete, and also has to be done during the summer ‘fish window’ of July through September. The total cost of the repair project is estimated at $56,000.”

“Citywide Asphalt Repairs - The City will continue the ongoing pavement preservation program to repair and maintain our existing roadway system in good condition. Consultant studies have been done to assess the structural condition of many of our streets, and a new pavement management software system was implemented for future project planning. The project focus in 2012 will be another round of asphalt repairs and crack sealing work around the City in preparation for overlay work in 2013 and future trials of preservation treatments. In addition, a trial section of ‘urban chip seal’ may be done on 136th Street SE in front of Jackson High School. If the trial is successful, this cost effective preservation method may be used in the future in other areas of the City.”

“Citywide Concrete Repairs - Another ongoing citywide project is the concrete repair program to fix areas of broken curbs and sidewalks, as well as upgrade ADA wheelchair ramps and bus stops. Approximately 165 sites had some ‘sidewalk shaving’ done to remove uplifted sidewalk edges, and dozens of other sites will have full removal and replacement. Work will be completed this summer, and the total project budget is approximately $125,000.”