Letters to the Editor

  • Mayor Pro Tem Stephanie Vignal has provided our City much needed and appreciated security and leadership through the Mill Creek City Council, Position 2. Vignal is a consistent, transparent voice for fiscal responsibility, smart community investment and strategic transportation planning - working collaboratively across governmental agencies to advocate for the needs of our community.

  • Stephanie Vignal eats, sleeps and breathes the Mill Creek City Council on which she serves as Mayor Pro Tem.

  • As a 36-year resident of Mill Creek, I urge voters to retain Benjamin Briles to the Mill Creek City Council on Tuesday, November 2. I met Benjamin eight years ago when he moved in next door. He and I have shared many conversations about what’s happening in our community and I’ve found him to be open, articulate and thoughtful.

  • If you’re looking for an intelligent and thoughtful voice to continue the growth in vitality in Mill Creek, elect Benjamin Briles to a full term in Position 3 on the Mill Creek City Council. Appointed to the council in the fall of 2020, Benjamin has presided with integrity and commitment.